Ethie Campagna


B. A. in Magna Cum Laude, French, with a minor in Spanish, University of Southern Colorado





English, SAT English


Ethie has been in the academic world for many years as a teacher, tutor, and test administrator. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern Colorado with degrees in both French and Sociology and a minor in Spanish. Even though her degrees are not in English, with her affinity for languages (she is also fluent in Greek), English is a natural strong suit for her, and she has taught English classes of all types at ITT Technical Institute and Phillips Jr. College. At both schools, Ethie was named “Teacher of the Year.” She also has had extensive experience in evaluating English writing through programs at San Jose State University, U. C. Santa Cruz, East Side Union High School District, and ACT. Notably, Ethie has proofread and edited a number of master’s theses and Ph.D dissertations as well as three published books. Since joining TTL in February 2013, she has thoroughly enjoyed helping improve the skills of the committed students who attend here.




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