Omree Gal-Oz

MTP Instructor

B.A. in Math, USC





Math up to AP Calculus AB


Omree Gal-Oz graduated from USC (cum laude) in 2016 with a degree in Math and a degree in Jazz Piano. He taught because he believes the best way for people to come up with great new ideas is to understand the ideas that came before them. Omree’s philosophy is to help students learn the foundations of the material, then to motivate them to uncover important equations by using those rules, which would allow them to really understand the inner workings of the subject and feel excited by it, while getting a taste for the scientific process.


One of the reasons for why Omree likes teaching is that he enjoy seeing his students understand concepts and grow intellectually. He prefer to allow the student to feel the joy of discovering a new concept by guiding them through the steps that would allow them to see it clearly rather than telling them what it is beforehand, and skipping all the fun parts.


Omree has been tutoring multiple students one-on-one in mathematics on a weekly basis since graduating in 2016.


Hobbies: Among other things Omree really enjoy playing jazz piano and composing music. You can find he playing shows in the Bay Area with jazz and salsa groups and improve comedy troupes. Omree also enjoy reading and playing basketball on really short hoops so he can dunk and feel good about himself.




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