Tong Wang

MTP Instructor

M.S. in Physics, California Institute of Technology





Math up to AP Calculus BC, Physics, Chemistry


My name is Tong Wang. I graduated from the California Institute of Technology, where I majored in physics. I have my B.S. degree and am currently trying to obtain my M.S. degree in physics. I have been working as a teacher/tutor for almost ten years. During this time, I have worked mostly with high school and college students. I have developed systematic teaching skills in physics and mathematics, and I know which topics are important and which will require spending more time. Furthermore, as I have worked with hundreds of students, I am good at teaching in accordance with their aptitudes. Every student is different, and I can always find a way for each to learn well. I like to guide others, and that is why I have been working as a teacher for almost a decade. I treat my students with patient and enthusiasm and have helped many of them with their study skills up until their graduations.




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