Walid Rahman

MTP Instructor

B.S. from Columbia University, majored in Biomedical Engineering





Computer Science, Biology, English, Math


I earned my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia.


I have been teaching since 2013, in both personal and classroom settings, for a wide variety of subjects ranging from English, Mathematics, Science, to History and Computer Programming. I am specialized in SAT test prep, and have devised many strategies that can help students deconstruct problems, understand trends across practice sets, and be prepared to tackle any SAT question. I have also developed a Computer Science curriculum for disadvantaged youth Afghanistan and hope to bring greater access to technological education in such regions in the future.


I believe that everyone has the ability to become a master in any subject. This belief has dictated my teaching methods. I strive to not only teach my students the subject material at hand, but also how to become confident and self-sufficient. My goal is to increase every student’s confidence in his or herself. Therefore, I teach Socratically, asking guiding questions that allow students to come to answers in their own unique ways. This method has helped many of my students become fearless, independent thinkers more capable of solving any problem coming their way.


For me, teaching is not only about passing on knowledge, but also about inspiring others to find the beauty hidden within different fields of study. I want to help students connect disciplines and find purpose behind everything they learn. I have been performing scientific research since high school and have worked on projects in environmental engineering, molecular biology, theoretical biophysics, inorganic chemistry, and cellular biomechanics.


Working in different fields throughout the years have made me well versed in the sciences. I love to give my students greater insight on research in these fields and how we have come to understand scientific phenomena through research in the lab. This helps them better contextualize the subject material and attain a greater appreciation for material that may seem otherwise arbitrary or mundane.


My lifelong dream is to bring innovative medical technologies to third world countries to fight Global Health inequity and save lives through biomedical engineering. Outside of teaching, I love working on engineering projects, working on my own personal inventions, reading ancient history and literature, and learning about business strategy.




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