ThinkTank Learning is a forward-thinking educational development company headquartered in San Jose, California, with a focused on education and college consulting. The company was founded in 2002 by three U.C. Berkeley graduates who had grown tired of the traditional approach to education. Steven Ma, current ThinkTank Learning President and a former high school math teacher recalls,

“We thought students were being short-changed by the educational system – students were bored, their demands weren’t being met, and they were not achieving what we knew they could.” ThinkTank Learning grew quickly, from a small, 100-square-foot office to a free-standing building in Cupertino within the span of a year.

The services offered grew as well. Classes were the primary focus of the program, but the demand for SAT preparation and tutoring began to flow in. ThinkTank Learning met the demand by developing the approach of “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere,” and implemented their in-home tutoring program. Soon, the SAT prep program was expanded, and other centers were developed throughout the Bay Area. Shortly thereafter, one of the largest additions to the ThinkTank Learning curriculum was made: the college consulting program. PCAP, short for Premium College Admission Package, was developed in order to meet the demand for assistance with college admissions. The first year started off with a rather small cohort of students, but, in true ThinkTank Learning fashion, it grew at a rapid pace. Parents and students alike, recognizing both the cutthroat competition in college admissions as well as the success rate of PCAP, soon began to turn to the program in droves in order to learn how to best tackle the college application. In order to provide educational information to the widest audience, ThinkTank Learning developed ThinkTank Education Media. The media outlets broach matters of education, health, finance, and law, and the magazine has a readership of approximately 15,000. Distributed in supermarkets, convenience stores, and various outlets throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The journal is free of charge.

ThinkTank Learning launched Master Tutoring Program, Master Instructing Program, and Master Consulting Program. Students can gain access to the best college admissions experts and experienced educators who graduated from Top 25 National Universities from worldwide.

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