Students enrolled in our ACT Boot Camp continue to score an average of 3 to 4 points higher on their composite score. We have over 12 years of experience with helping students ace the ACT exam by constantly improving the testing, teaching, strategy, and practice of all four subject areas.

We highly encourage students to take the ACT exam since colleges accept both ACT and SAT scores equally. In fact, since 2012, there are more students taking the ACT than the SAT. Students will have the option of choosing a weekend or weekday course, where each class is 4.5 hours long. This gives students and teachers ample time to review the relevant materials and to make sure that the students really understand the questions. Every students’ progress will be monitored over the 8-week course to ensure that they are making improvements.

After attending the 8-week course students will have completed the homework equivalent of 6 ACT tests, finished 4 ACT practice tests, and have access to an additional 5 ACT practice tests. That’s over 3,200 questions! The result is a much more logical, coherent approach to the ACT, with an updated mix of activities and a renewed focus on the reason behind the questions, not just the answers.

The Best Instructors

We have the best instructors for ACT BestTutorpreparation. All instructors have a personal track record for significantly increasing their students’ ACT scores. Our most experienced instructors have redeveloped our ACT curriculum from the ground up to help students score higher.


Modularized Lessons

Each lesson is no longer dependentModulalizeLessonon the previous class.  If you miss a lesson you can simply attend the next class without affecting your overall comprehension.  This also enables students to revisit each lesson and study on their own.  Students can work through each module and additional practice problems at home for more practice and in-depth understanding.


4 Tiered System

TierSystemAt ThinkTank Learning we know that every student learns at a different pace. Each student is required to take a diagnostic test before we enroll them into the appropriate leveled class.

Rolling Enrollment

Since classes are modularized, RollingEnrollmentstudents are now free to join in the beginning, middle, or end of the course and still get the full learning experience.


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