The “Transfer All In One Package” or TAIOP offers the same services as the “All In One Package”—for transfer students! If you are looking to transfer to the school of your dreams, this could be the perfect program for you!

The “Transfer All in One Package” or TAIOP is ThinkTank’s total-solution for all your academic and college application needs. As a student enrolled in AIOP, you have access to our proven education consultants, who understand the keys to a successful application to top colleges and universities across the country. TAIOP includes PCAP, our premier college application service, as well as strategic academic planning, extracurricular involvement advising, and test preparation. We mentor and coach our TAIOP students every step of the way. TAIOP students have been consistently accepted to the top 10 universities in the United States. Rest assured, we will work with you to create the perfect application for the college of your dreams.

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