Linda Brandt Scholarship

Scholarship Information
This scholarship was established in honor of Linda Brandt, who taught math at Lodi High School. She changed the life of Steven Ma, her former student, and helped him to unlock his passion for math and success. It is an annual scholarship for two students and will come in the form of guidance on college applications. The value of the service is $15,000/student and will be free of charge for scholarship recipients.

Eligibility Requirements
1. Must be a current high school junior who will be applying to college during senior year.
2. Must be a current student of good standing at Lodi High School.
3. No minimum GPA requirements.
4. Preference will be given to students who have financial need.

Instructions for Applying to Scholarships
1. Please email the below information to
2. Include the following information in the subject header of your email: “Linda Brandt Scholarship – FirstName LastName”
Example: Linda Brandt Scholarship – Steven Ma

Personal Information
1. Full Name:
2. Year in School:
3. Your Email Address:
4. Your Phone Number:
5. Your Parents’ or Guardians’ Names:
6. Names and Emails of the People Writing Letters of Recommendation:

Attachments to the Email
-A One-Page Personal Statement Describing Your Background and Future Goals
-Your High School Transcript

Letters of Recommendation
Two Letters of Recommendation Should Be Emailed to

Deadline for Student Info and Letters of Recommendation
Monday, May 21st, 2018