Intensive Vocabulary Mastery – Online – Dates: 6/15 – 8/10


Dates: 6/15 – 8/10 (No Class on 7/6-7/7)

Time: Sat & Sun 2:30PM – 4:30PM

Why did the bedridden invalid give an invalid answer to the aptitude question? The previous sentence is an example of high-level high school vocabulary; it’s also an example of a bad use of such vocabulary. This course will teach you how to use big words in understandable ways. We named this class intensive because we have extensive knowledge of the English lexicon. If you want to have an AP-level English proficiency, then you better know the meaning of very single word in this loquacious paragraph. Don’t be sophomoric and think this class pedestrian; it’s anything but.   

  • Intensive Vocabulary Mastery (IVM) for grades 9-12 empowers students to consciously increase, remember, and use sophisticated vocabulary words that often appear on the ACT and SAT, as well as in college-level texts.  
  • Over the 15 sessions (2 hours/session), there will be lectures, discussions, quizzes, and essay assignments.
  • Students will learn how to (1) read words in context critically (2) use a variety of proven techniques to discern and remember new vocabulary words, (3) understand common Greek and Latin roots, and (4) use an expanded vocabulary in conversation and writing.
  • Dates: 6/15 – 8/10 (No Class on 7/6-7/7)
  • Time: Sat & Sun 2:30PM – 4:30PM
Weekly Schedule
Lesson Topic Homework Test Dates
1 Dictionary Basics Find synonyms for Vocabulary List 1

Select 5 words, find synonyms, use in a sentence

Write a narrative story using vocabulary words

2 Homonyms, Homophones, and Prefixes Study words in lesson tables and Vocabulary List 2

Complete homophone table

Write 10 sentences using Vocabulary List 2

Quiz 1
3 Synonyms and Connotation Find synonyms and plot on a scale of positive-negative

Study Vocabulary List 3

Write 10 sentences using Vocabulary List 3

Quiz 2
4 Introduction to Suffixes and Special Nouns Complete Vocabulary List 4

Complete Lesson Homework Exercises

Write 10 sentences using Vocabulary List 4

Quiz 3
5 Suffixes and Parts of Speech Complete Vocabulary List 5

Write 5 sentences using words with noun suffixes

Write 5 sentences using Vocabulary List 5

Quiz 4
6 Etymology Complete Vocabulary List 6

Select 2 words from List and write an etymology presentation

Quiz 5
7 Greek and Latin Roots Write 10 sentences using derivatives of roots from Vocabulary List 7

Study for Midterm

Quiz 6
8 Midterm MIDTERM
9 Roots Complete Vocabulary List 9

Write 10 sentences using Vocabulary List 9

Quiz 7
10 More on Roots Complete Vocabulary List 10

Finish story and prepare to present at next session

Quiz 8
11 Neologisms and Business Language Complete Vocabulary List 11

Write 10 sentences using Vocabulary List 11

Quiz 9
12 Words from Foreign Languages Complete Vocabulary List 12

Write 10 sentences using Vocabulary List 12

Quiz 10
13 Shakespeare in Context Complete Vocabulary List 13

Use 8 words from List to write a short rhyme

Quiz 11
14 Appropriate and Efficient Word Choices Complete the Study Guide

Study for Final Exam

Quiz 12
15 Final Exam FINAL

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