Algebra II – Online – Dates: 6/17 – 7/12


Dates: 6/17 – 7/12 (No Class on 7/1-7/5)

Time: Mon & Tue & Wed & Thu & Fri 04:15 pm – 06:15 pm


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In addition to being the offensive strategy of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls basketball team — he won six NBA championships — the triangle is considered the most fundamental shape of nature. All other shapes can be described by triangles and the angles within them. Algebra II/Trigonometry is a student’s first exposure to polynomial functions, conical sections, statistics, and full on trigonometry. This class sets the foundation necessary for pre-calculus and beyond. Learning higher math without knowing Algebra II and Trigonometry is like trying to build a three-legged table that only has two legs, or trying to win a game of Connect Four with only three moves; ain’t gonna happen. Our experienced instructor increases students’ scores on average by 10%. You will be glad you took this class either before or along with your school’s version of it. Don’t play 1-on-1 against Michael Jordan — unless you love losing — but do take this class.

  • As one of our most customized class offerings, the course content is based on the California State Standards for Mathematics Bay Area’s local high school curriculum. This course is designed to teach students topics from Algebra II and Trigonometry.
  • Over the 15 sessions (2 hours/session), there will be several quizzes and exams. Students will learn about: basic functions and graphs, polynomial functions, rational functions, inverse functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, Trigonometric Functions and Identities, and conics.
  • To further tailor the course, our expert instructors select the learning activities to match the needs and goals of their students in each class. By the end of the course, students will be able to solve and graph these functions and apply them to real-world situations.
  • Dates: 6/17 – 7/12 (No Class on 7/1-7/5)
  • Time: Mon & Tue & Wed & Thu & Fri 04:15 pm – 06:15 pm
Class Syllabus

Semester 1

Lesson Topic
1 Basic Functions and Graphs
2 Functions and Graphs – Continued
3 Polynomial Functions
4 Polynomial Functions – Continued
5 Rational Functions
6 Rational Functions – Continued
7 Rational Functions – Continued
8 Inverse Functions
9 Inverse Functions – Continued
10 Exponential Functions
11 Exponential Functions – Continued
12 Exponential Functions – Continued
13 Logarithmic Functions
14 Logarithmic Functions – Continued
15 Logarithmic Functions – Continued

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