Physics Honors – Dates: 7/22 – 8/9


Dates: 7/22 – 8/9

Time: Mon & Tue & Wed & Thu & Fri 5:00PM – 7:00PM

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Why does your head hurt more when you hit a wall while running as opposed to walking? Physics is the science that explains the laws of nature and why the physical world behaves the way it does. Physics does not explain why your favorite characters in video games can jump so high and talk in outer space without wearing a space helmet — that’s for a different kind of physics class. However, physics does explain why paper planes eventually slow down and hit the ground. 30 hours of classroom time will teach you to understand physics and to not ram your head into walls.   

  • As one of our most customized class offerings, the course content is based on the California State Standards for Physics Bay Area’s local high school curriculum. This course is designed to  teach students topics from Physics Honor.
  • Over the 15 sessions (2 hours/session), there will be two in-class quizzes and two take-home exams. Students will learn about: vectors, kinematics, dynamics, circular motion, energy, work and power, momentum and impulse, gravity, electric field, and electric potential.
  • To further tailor the course, our expert instructors select the learning activities to match the needs and goals of their students in each class. By the end of the course, students will be able to solve the physics problems and apply it to the real world.

Dates: 7/22 – 8/9

Time: Mon & Tue & Wed & Thu & Fri 5:00PM – 7:00PM

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