Michelle Li

Monta Vista High School, scored 2330 on the SAT.

I took the SAT Summer Boot Camp in 2013 before my junior year. It was extremely helpful in helping me achieve the score I wanted. I learned many tips and tricks. I became familiar with the types of questions that typically appear on the SAT. For instance, the preparation time spent on the critical reading section taught me how to deconstruct and analyze essay content within a minimum amount of time. The class also broadened my vocabulary, in both the critical reading and essay writing sections. ThinkTank’s SAT Summer Boot Camp really prepared me for the SAT!


Alan Hsu

Saratoga High School, scored 2400 on the SAT.

My scores skyrocketed, from a lackluster 2140 to a mind-boggling 2400. Indeed, such a high score would be impossible without the professional aid of those at Thinktank. As such, I sincerely thank everyone at Thinktank and encourage anybody that covets a high score to join ThinkTank.



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