Madeline Zheng

Mission San Jose High, scored 1590 on the SAT. Accepted to University of Southern California.

My main challenge was motivating myself to study and ThinkTank Learning really helped me with that issue by providing a very structured learning environment. They sat me down to take multiple practice exams and put my brain to work. I really enjoyed ThinkTank’s laid-back atmosphere compared to other testing centers. Their teachers definitely made our learning experience really enjoyable. One of the most memorable learning experiences during the course was when my critical reading teacher had us each put a post-it note on our forehead with a vocabulary word written on it. My classmates would then give us clues to the meaning of the word. After taking the class my SAT score jumped up about 100 points and I ended up scoring a 1590 on the official SAT test. I definitely recommend ThinkTank to a friend because it is one of the only places that can make such a boring test actually enjoyable.